An advanced parametric CAD dedicated to solid, surface and hybrid modeling.

It’s hard to find software that would be able to combine the design, engineering and management of the entire product. Therefore, Think3 manufactured the ThinkDesign CAD pack, which combines both with design and execution.

When using ThinkDesign a lot of users ask if it’s easy to use, because it is known that in other CAD pack we need to learn several weeks or months – even a few years to fully master them. Since time is money and it’s well-known in Think3, ThinkDesign is easy to use and learn.


Smart objects are useful in designing, constructing and increasing productivity, since they make it easier for us to create objects/details that we need to use more than once. The details or several different holes, grooves, radii, and tracks are combined and stored in one smart object.

This significantly reduces modeling time, since the smart object is easily transferred to a certain place on the model.

We can also convert the entire composition into a smart object, which is then imported into the assembly without additional modeling.


Interactive modeling is the modeling and correction of existing geometry. By marking geometric elements on the body, which can have history or not, we simply correct, delete, and add elements.

Ideal tool for repairing imported models.

With global shape modeling, we can easily create very complex solutions, which would be very difficult to obtain with classic modeling procedures.

Curves, surface models, bodies, and triangular networks (STLs) can be redesigned.


The sheet metal module is becoming more innovative and improved from version to version. Also, the sheet metal wizard is very helpful, since it automatically determines where the product will be bended or cut off.

This saves us time and speeds up the manufacturing process.

The production of stepping bending is possible on both cylindrical, conical and curved surfaces.


The software also has a special module for producing profiles / frames based on 3D profile.

It is only necessary to create a parametric 3D profile where by simply clicking on the desired places we add profiles that also automatically cut off from one another.

Excellent tool for frame construction.


General & Drafting+++ + + + +
Basic & Intermediate Surfaces+++ + + + +
Solids & Sketches, HQ Rendering+++ + + + +
Sheet metal & Assembly++ + + +
Static Rendering + + + + +
Advanced Surfaces + + + + +
GSM & Zone Draft Modeling + + + +
Mold Design + +
I-interact & Target Driven Design + +
Die design, Reshape, Compensation +


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