Simple search and use of standard 3D parts

The PARTSolutions software is an ideal solution for companies that use a large number of standard parts from different manufacturers. By importing already created 3D CAD models we reduce modeling time.

PARTsolutions combines catalogs of more than 600 manufacturers around the world and is thus one of the largest standard 3D parts library.

Intelligent 3D CAD models of standard parts are directly imported into ThinkDesign, where the model can be parametrically altered and tailored according to your wishes.


Huge 3D library of standard parts from over 600 manufacturers from all over the world.

The intelligent 3D CAD models of standard parts and supplier parts can be directly imported into the CAD system in the corresponding format and thus accelerate the engineering process.

40% of an engineer’s time is spent searching for or sourcing parts for designs. A reusable parts library saves time by enabling engineers to find and deploy approved parts instead of searching


Search in catalogs has never been simpler. Several windows with different information about the model, dimensions, 3D model display and 2D drawing of the current model are available. We can produce cross-sections, exploratory views, billboards, …

CADENAS offers many new opportunities to engineers and purchasers to find product information as well as CAD data of standard, supplier, commercial and company parts in a smart way.

With PARTsolutions your purchasing department has visibility and approval of parts before they are specified with a red, yellow and “green light” system.


The software also enables you to see the 3D model in extra depths using special 3D glasses.

Get the control you need to standardize the parts and suppliers your engineering team specifies into designs. With PARTsolutions, if your team is at one site or spread around the world, our scalable solution has it covered.