Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+, First Wireless Laser Hanheld 3D scanners

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Together with SHINING 3D, the industry leader in 3D digitizing and 3D printing industries since its foundation in 2004, are excited to announce the introduction of our brand-new Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+ metrology 3D scanners. As SHINING 3D’s first wireless laser handheld 3D scanners, the Wireless FreeScan X5 & X7+ are redefining the [...]

Using Meshes in Design and Prototyping processes

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CAD software ThinkDesign The digital model in the Mesh format has entered with full rights the product development cycle and is more and more used in a large set of activities interacting with the processes of design, quality check and production. We shall illustrate the experience of Acripoli Srl from Rioveggio (BO, Italy), company developing molds [...]