For certain tasks in the current times of coronovirus times require full-face protection.

To do this, you need a visor and a protective mask, and a special holder to open the door. You can download the 3D model 3WAY protective masks HERE and the door holders HERE.

In this article we will present you our visor holder.

To create your own visor you need:

  • 3WAY holder model
  • Foil or PVC
  • Soft seal
  • Elastic
  • Something to make holes in foil

Assembly instructions

  1. 3WAY holder download by click on red button.
  2. Place the foil or PVC on holder and mark the holes.
  3. Make holes in the marked places.
  4. Use the printed screws and washers to secure the foil on holder.
  5. Attach the seal to the inner side of holder.
  6. Install the elastic through the holes on the holder

The mask is ready to use.

download holder

Below is a picture of assembled visor.

držalo za vizir

When you arrive home, we recommend that you disinfect and wash your hands well.

Also disinfect all things you brought with (including food packaging), hooks, keys and soles of shoes.

The mask is not a certified medical device.

Stay healthy!