The latest FlashForge 3D printer has recently arrived in 3WAY. It is the Creator 4 that offers a huge 3D printing volume. Especially with the latter and two extruders, high material compatibility and precision, it will satisfy a wide range of the most demanding users who want an industrial quality printer.

FlashForge Creator 4
FlashForge Creator 4 build volume


Due to the fact that its size makes it much harder to get through the door, the Creator 4 already gives the impression of industrial-grade quality. It is a top product that will fill the market gap in the need for professional printing of large volumes, but at a more affordable price.

FlashForge Creator 4
FlashForge Creator 4


Of course, we were also immediately interested in what the final product Creator 4 could make for us. Starting a 3D printer was easy and we were soon able to start printing a rocket model, almost 50 centimeters tall. The maximum possible volume of 3D printing is up to 40 x 35 x 50 cm. After thirteen hours, the product was finished. The rocket was just under 50 centimeters tall, compact, and flawlessly printed.


Creator 4 allows prototyping, as well as finished or semi-finished products for consumers. It is available in three versions, making the value of this 3D printer quite widespread. You can choose between 4-F, 4-A, and 4-S versions.

FlashForge Creator 4

The base model offers an extruder that heats up to 265°C and is designed for printing with flexible filaments. The higher class is the 4-A model, which with a 320°C extruder supports materials such as PC, PA, PETG, ASA, ABS, and PLA. The most versatile is the Creator 4-S, whose extruder heats up to 360°C and also allows printing with carbon fiber materials.

Ekstruder 4-F
Ekstruder 4-A
Ekstruder 4-A

To enable higher temperature materials, including those in the FlashForge supreme range, the Creator 4’s enclosed build chamber offers heating capabilities of up to 65°C. This is crucial for filaments such as ABS, PC, and PA which require warmer ambient temperatures to avoid thermal contractions and part warping.

Heated chamber

On the software side, the printer comes complete with an intelligent filament management system that automatically sets internal temperatures according to the material being used. Additional features include a HEPA 12 air filter for safe indoor use, a 7-inch touchscreen on the front, and a built-in camera for remote build monitoring.


Now, in the range of FlashForge 3D printers, the largest of them is also included which rounded off an even larger number of users. Besides Creator 4, there are Adventurer 3 and 4, Creator Pro 2, Creator 3, and Guider IIs now available with us.

The first two are especially suitable for beginners, while Guider IIs and Creator 3 are intended for professional desktop use. Creator Pro 2 with two extruders represents the ideal balance between the mentioned printers. With the Creator 4 model, FlashForge also offered the option to those who want a large volume of 3D printing with the highest quality and range of materials.


Creator 4 is interesting for us as well, as it allows us to print larger volumes. Many times we have to perform a service that dimensionally exceeds the capacity of 3D printers. The pieces, therefore, need to be glued and processed with quality, which of course takes some time. Now this problem will be much less frequent.