For dental center BABIT, we have developed a face mask which can filter particles and aerosols

Already at the beginning of coronavirus epidemic, we, in 3WAY d.o.o. have started developing gadgets which can help you with daily chores.

So far we have developed a protective mask, hook holder and visor holder. With our gadgets you can 3D print complete protection for current situation.

With releasing of measures against virus, dental centers will also start to operate

For this reason, we have been approached by dental center BABIT d.o.o., where several different dental specialities operate, each releasing a virus as an aerosol. They needed high end solution with filtering aerosols.

The following conditions were taken into account when developing a customized protective mask:

  • Surgical masks should be suitable for dental surgeries of all specialities.
  • Protect both, mask user and patient – filtration in both ways, without valve.
  • The mask should be capable of filtering air and aerosols.
  • It should be possible to disinfect mask quickly and reuse it.
  • Speech through mask must be clear and distinct. Good communication is of utmost importance in dental services.
  • Possibility of changing different filters and parts of mask.
  • The mask should be comfortable and suitable for long-term use.

Under the given conditions, we developed a customized protective mask.

Due to the design of the filter system and the use of special HEPA filters, filtration is carried out in both directions. Aerosols are also filtered. Speech is clear and distinct and allows good communication between users.

With 3D face scanning, reverse engineering and contra-deformation procedures, the mask is completely adapted to user’s face.

Because of ease-of-use, accuracy and quality we used 3D scanner Shining 3D Einscan 2X Plus, reverse engineering software Geomagic Design X and CAD software ThinkDesign.

Prilagojena zaščitna maska

3D scan of face

Prilagojena zaščitna maska

Adjusting the mask according to facial features

Because the part of the mask that fits the face should be as soft as possible, we used 3D printer FlashForge Creator 3, which can print multiple materials at once.

The mask is 3D printed with two materials – hard plastic, where the filter system is located, and softer, more flexible plastic. This type of fabrication makes the mask comfortable and durable.

Employees of BABIT will be now able to continue their precius work in undisturbed manner.

Prilagojena zaščitna maska

By using the latest technologies, we have helped to bridge current epidemic more easily. Because we can customize the mask to each individual, it is also suitable for you.

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