The coronavirus has invaded our lives like almost no other disease or war. Life as we knew it is almost gone and the economy has almost completely stopped.

At this moment we all want the crisis end as soon as possible and life goes back on its rails.

Unfortunately the lack of protective equipment only prolongs the crisis.

We can improve current situation with 3D printer.
Every 3D printer owner can manufacture a permanent protective mask and donate it to loved ones, community or to a nearby hospital.

At 3WAY we approached the problem and developed a special protective mask.
Because of it’s design, mask can be reused, only fabric which serves as filter needs to be replaced.

As a fabric we can use ToTo Baby wipes from the Slovenian company Tosama or some other fabric.

Fabric needs to be replaced after every use.

The protective mask model is available for download by clicking the red button below..
It is completely FREE.

We urge anyone who owns a 3D printer to download the files below and help their community.

PETG is recommended as a material.

download mask


  1. Download and 3D print mask.
    Be sure to also print a 3D pattern for fabric.
  2. After 3D printing is done, cut the fabric using the pattern.
  3. Insert Fabric into the front part of the mask.
    Insert 3 pieces of fabric into the filter.
  4. Screw the front part of mask to the frame.
  5. Apply an elastic band to the mask, so you can wear it around your head.
  6. Optionally a gasket can be fitted for convenience.

The mask is ready to use!

Place the mask on your face so that it covers your mouth and nose. When outside, do not touch the outside part of the mask or your eyes.

When you arrive home, we recommend that you disinfect and wash your hands well.
Also disinfect all things you brought with (including food packaging), hooks, keys and soles of shoes.

The mask is not a certified medical device.

Stay healthy!