3D printing is often used to speed up production automation such as in compression molding. It is a very popular method where the final model is made by application of several layers of material. Compared to other production methods, it is a very cost-effective solution, when talking about the production of one model or a small series. 3D printing offers designers more flexibility and geometric freedom. That’s why one electrical manufacturer has invested in several 3D printers from Flashforge, including 11 Creator 4 models. With this investment, the company was able to reduce labor costs by 80% and cut delivery times by 50%.

3D printanje pospeši vašo proizvodnjo


One of the challenges in making funnels is mold design. The cavities of the molds must be precisely made so that the cast material can flow properly. The problem is that many types of funnels are needed, which means a lot of molds. In smaller series, this represents very high costs. However, one of the electrical manufacturers decided to invest in some 3D printers instead of making so many molds. Using them, they ensured a faster production of funnels, while at the same time the costs were much lower. In the past, they have had to hire trade experts or even outsource the order. In conclusion, this one and only solution was also expensive, so they figured out it would be more efficient if they purchase and have 3D printers in their own company.

Lijaki izdelani s 3D printerjem
3D printanje


To Flashforge! This company entered the 3D printing market in 2012. Since then, it has offered a wide range of solutions worldwide and caters to applications in education, healthcare, jewelry, and more. Among the wide range of 3D printers is the Creator 4, an industrial FFF 3D printer with two independent extruders and many compatible materials. It’s an ideal solution for multiple industries such as automotive, medical, or consumer goods. It boasts a 3D printing volume of up to 40 x 35 x 50 cm. It is an ideal machine to speed up some production steps.

FlashForge 3D printerji


The company now relies on Flashforge Creator 4 3D printers to design the funnels, freeing itself from the various shape, labor, time, and maintenance constraints of the past. As a result, the company invested in 11 machines and is now able to complete the design and production of 40 funnels in a single day, about 10 more than before, all with only one employee on the job.

FlashForge Creator 4 3D printer
FlashForge Creator 4 3D printer

The 3D printer Creator 4 is capable of creating the funnels with an accuracy of 0.2 mm to meet the necessary requirements. In addition, the Creator 4 is compatible with a wide range of materials, allowing the company to produce stronger, more abrasion-resistant molds and hoppers. The company uses ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, and other technical materials to increase the durability of parts.

FlashForge Creator 4 3D printerji


In addition to this material compatibility, Flashforge 3D printers also allow teams to better control the manufacturing process and ensure that parts meet requirements. The resulting funnels are lighter and easier to replace in case of a defect.

Craft Operation Manual operation All-in-one automatic printing
Time-consuming Long-term period, delivery time uncontrol Short delivery time, control the progress in free
Difficulty Low in free design, large manual error Production complexity guarantee
Accuracy Manual work (less accurate) Strictly control error in 0.2 mm
Convenience Repair trouble, large weight increase logistics and store costs Lightweight, easy to repair and replace
Maintenance costs High Low

Finally, the company estimates that it increased production by 35% in the first year, which means that, in addition to the costs, it also saved time and reached greater efficiency. The orders from their customers are increasing and they will need to speed up their production. Thanks to 3D printing, they can quickly organize and meet these growing needs. The flexibility of 3D printing in the production process is an advantage, for sure.