…3D printing is becoming more and more established in surgical practice around the world, one of the plastic surgeons, who has established itself in Paris as an expert in this field…

Since 1994, Laurent Lantieri has been performing cervical reconstructive surgeries, and 3D printing has become a key part of his process. In 2010, with his team at the Georges Pompidou Hospital, he successfully completed his first full facial transplantation in the world and continues to continue his inspiring and pioneering work today.

In his office, shelves are lined with plastic skull replicas, each representing an operative patient. Only patients with the most serious injuries visit Mr Lantieri. Most of them suffered serious injuries or had gene disorders. His work helps them recover from trauma, as well as discomfort and loss of functions, and put them on the path to a normal life again.

Before the 3D printing technology became more accessible, Lantieri used CT scans and standard surgical equipment for approximately reconstruction. He searched among thousands of generic panels, castings and screws to find the appropriate part.

Since 2008, Face Reconstruction uses 3D scanning technology and 3D Concept Laser printers. With 3D printers, he prepares facial implants; first he makes a prototype and tests it, then makes the final version of the implant. Patented LaserCUSING machines are SLM 3D printers and use special titanium metal powder to provide the best quality of the implant.

According to Lanieri, 3D printing completely revolutionized his way of working: “In the past, I just guessed,” he says. “We never had the correct shape. But using 3D troweled skulls, we can have them in our hands, in order to identify potential problems and obstacles in advance, which makes it much easier for us to intervene. “Not only did his work improve, Concept Laser 3D printers made it easier for members of his team: “Nurses adore a specialized surgical tool,” says Lantieri. “Now we have everything in one box and the orderly order of use. No longer a long search. We also have more time, because we know exactly what we have and where it belongs. Everything is the way I want and what I need for the next step. ”

Concept Laser has recently been bought by the technology giant General Electric, whose 3D printing division has one of the biggest impacts on the market. This will continue the successful penetration of the company into the market and the even better development of even higher quality 3D printers, which will facilitate the work of surgeons and allow patients to return to normal life.