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FlashForge PLA Pro Blue

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The best and most proven PLA filament.
Made of high quality PLA material that ensures smooth extrusion.

Upgraded version of PLA filament, without warping and with better mechanical properties.

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  1. Be harmless to human, be friendly to environment
  2. Low material shrinkage, stable printing size
  3. Printing temp: 190~220℃, lower than other lament.
  4. No smoke or unpleasant smell when printing.


  1. High line precision, standard deviation of diameter0.05mm.
  2. Improve tenacity of PLA, line luminous is 90%, do not change lament transparency.
  3. Lower lament hygroscopicity, easy to keep long time by simple dust protection.


  1. Apply to all types of FDM printers, no need heating baseboard, low demand to printers.
  2. Be applicable for models which have complex structures and high molding precision.
  3. Match up with PVA, printing models which are hollow-out and have large inclination angles.
  4. Match up with exible lament, printing models combined with soft and hard lament.


  1. Diameter: 1,75mm
  2. Printing temp range recommended: 190~220℃.
  3. Printing speed: 60~90mm/s.
  4. Build plate temp: non-required.
  5. Raft: non-required.


Printing temperature 190°C – 220°C
Printing speed 60 – 90 mm/s
Printing layer height 0,1 – 0,2 mm
Platform temperature Unnecessary
Raft Unnecessary
Tensile strength ≥60 MPa
Bending strength ≥60 MPa
Flexural modulus ≥2500 MPa
Notched impact strength (IZOD, 23°C) ≥16 J/m (ASTM D256)
Percentage of breaking elongation ≥3%
Heat deformation temperature ≥55°C

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