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FlashForge PETG White – 1 kg

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The best and most proven PETG filament.

Made of high quality PETG material that ensures smooth extrusion.

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  1. Applicable to food certicated via FDA, Non-toxic, harmless to human.
  2. Good tenacity, high hardness, impact strength is 30 times more than normal PLA, and breaking elongation is 50 times more than normal lament.
  3. Corrosion resistance, applicable to most organic solvent.
  4. Good weather resistance and UV resistance.
  5. Products are easy to be colored and printed.


  1. High transparency, and light transmittance is 90%.
  2. High glossiness.
  3. Temperature resistance, use for long time in the condition of 80℃.
  4. High line precision, standard deviation of diameter 0.05mm.
  5. Low shrinkage, stable size and less warping. NO need heating build plate when printing models whose bottom are small so as to strengthen applicability of printers.
  6. Good gluability and shock resistance between layers. Models can be adopted processing method of peeling, slicing and drilling.
  7. Thin-wall models won’t turn white because of stress.
  8. Lower lament hygroscopicity, easy to keep long time by simple dust protection.


  1. High printing temp, high demand for printers and need to be heated.
  2. Print models that have high demand for tenacity and strength like pendant, etc.
  3. Print models that need follow-up processing like hollowing, drilling and screw assembly, etc.
  4. Print living goods like tooth cup, safe, healthful and relatively heat-resistant.
  5. Print models that are heat-resistant and transparent like lampshade, etc.


  1. Diameter: 1,75mm
  2. Printing temp range recommended: 230~270℃.
    Printing temp range recommended when printing mini or thin-wall models: 230~250℃.
    Printing temp range recommended when printing large models: 240~270℃.
  3. Printing speed: 60~90mm/s.
  4. Build plate temp: no need heating build plate when printing models whose bottom are small. Build plate should be heated up to 80~100℃ when printing models whose bottom are large.
  5. Printing substrate: non-required.
  6. We suggest using perforated plate, not using heat resistant adhesive tape in order to reduce warping probability and ensure beauty and integrity of printing models.


Printing temperature
220°C – 240°C
Printing speed 60 – 90 mm/s
Printing layer height 0,1 – 0,2 mm
Platform temperature 80°C – 100°C
Raft Unnecessary
Tensile strength ≥52 MPa
Bending strength ≥88 MPa
Flexural modulus ≥2200 MPa
Percentage of breaking elongation ≥150%
HDT ≥70°C

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