Every manufacturer uses precision metrology tools for quality control. From hand tools like calipers to room-filling equipment like CMMs. The most innovative companies also employ non-contact 3D scanning as an important addition to their QC toolbox.

3D scanners come in all shapes and sizes. They have matured into reliable, highly-accurate devices that can be used almost anywhere by almost anyone.

Check out 3D scanners Shining 3D and see how they can help you speed-up quality control and even better quality of your products.

Just as 3D scanning hardware has advanced markedly, the software to make sense of all that data has too. 3D SystemsGeomagic Control X inspection and metrology software makes it easy to use any 3D scanner to verify design intent and ensure quality. This helps businesses save time and money. 3D Systems even uses Geomagic Control X in-house as part of our own manufacturing process to ensure all incoming parts meet the specifications we require.

Geomagic Control X

Ensuring the accuracy of a design or manufactured part is important throughout a product’s lifecycle. Whether you’re qualifying its manufacturability, optimizing the fabrication and assembly processes, or monitoring performance in the field. With our 3D inspection solutions, our customers are able to scan virtually anything, anywhere to identify, understand, and address issues faster than ever.

Leading European low-cost airline easyJet estimates an approximate 80% time savings in aircraft damage assessments using Geomagic Control X. This is keeping planes safely in service.

easyJet cites the software’s ease of training, quick workflows and comprehensiveness as leading advantages.

Geomagic Control X, along with a modern 3D scanner, like Shining 3D, makes it easy for more people to measure more parts in more places, which means reduced inspection bottlenecks, lower costs, and better product quality.

Geomagic Control X

3D inspection can help you spread confidence in your manufacturing process. Talk to us to learn more.

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