3WAY Hybrid CNC

First 3 axis hybrid CNC machine in the world

Hybrid CNC

3WAY HYBRID CNC is the first hybrid 3-axis CNC machine in the world.

It is capable of machining as well as 3D printing at the build volume of 600x850x190mm.

The hybrid’s modular build allows us to use the machine as a conventional CNC machine or as a 3D printer, as it has exchangeable spindle/extruder and heated build plate.


With a build volume of 600 x 850 x 190 mm, it allows you to 3D print and/or machine your object without worries of running out of build space.


8.000 €

The base of our hybrid machine is a very robust CNC machine that you can use simply as a conventional CNC machine for machining and production of any object you desire.


10.000 €

True power and innovation of the machine is shown when you use its full potential of 3D printing and machining. First the object is 3D printed, then you change the extruder head for a spindle and you machine the surfaces of the object, thus giving you exceptional accuracy and smooth surface.


If the size of the machine is not suitable to your needs we can also build you a custom size machine, either bigger or even smaller. You can also change the spindle power in case you would need it.


Build size600x850x190mm (X x Y x Z)
Table size720x1000mm (X x Y)
Max. speed1000 mm/min
Spindle power800W
Max. rev/s24000 rev/min
ChuckER11 (tool diameter 1 – 7mm)
SoftwareArtsoft Mach3
Operating systemWindows XP, 7, 8, 10
PC connectionEthernet cable (RJ45)
ConnectionsMax. energy consumption 3.4kW
Power supply AC 230V, 16A
Machine dimensions865x1100x800mm (width x length x height)
Weight50 kg
Working temperature0 – 35°C


Printing area600x850x190mm (X x Y x Z)
Printing surfaceHeated glass surface
Filament diameter1.75mm/3mm
MaterialsPLA, ABS, Wood, flexible,…
Nozzle diameter0.3mm – 1.2mm (as per buyers request)
Max. printing temperature260°C
Max. heatbed temperature110°C
Weight54 kg