Scan to 3D model

Knotenpunkt was founded as a CAD / CAM specialist in 1992.

With more than 450 installed PointMaster licenses, the company is the world’s leading reverse engineering software developer.

They offer the ultimate product for engineering, entertainment, medicine and science.

The program is easy to use for beginners and extremely effective for experienced professional designers and engineers who need the highest possible quality.


The program allows you to import cloud points. This cloud of points must be triangulated. Then, on the basis of triangles, we create surfaces that are simply applied to the desired locations.

In addition, we can generate surfaces and compare the accuracy of the surface with respect to the network model. Then we verify and export this data as a CAD model for further processing.


Triangular meshes in STL form also need to be repair. In some places, there are holes in the mesh that need to be filled, and PointMaster does it in an easy way.

With advanced functions, we can smooth the edges of the holes and thus provide a smooth transition between the triangles.

We can also re-generate the grid in the desired area and thus smooth the rough triangles.


The program allows us to easily lay the boundary curves on the mesh, and thus build the surface through the entire model.

Surface joints are always tangents, which can be checked at all times with various analyzes, such as analysis of curvature and the distance of surfaces from the actual network.

At the end of the reverse engineering process, we export the surfaces in IGS format, which is then transferred to the ThinkDesign CAD modeler, where we can perform standard and advanced modeling operations on this model.