… 3WAY d.о.о. successfully passed knowledge of 3D technologies and presented the latest 3D printers and 3D scanners …

3D technologies are more advanced and more precise from year to year. That’s why we have, at 3WAY d.o.o. in cooperation with Shining 3D GmbH and Natural Robotics SL, organized an educational conference 3D Open House 2018.

More than 50 people attended interesting lectures and presentations. The morning was devoted to 3D scanners, afternoon to 3D printers.

Through live presentations we learned the advantages and benefits of 3D scanners. The following models were presented; the entry-level metrological 3D EaScan II scanner, the brand-new EinScan PRO 2X plus, the FreeScan X7 + wireless and metrology 3D scanner OptimScan 5M.

We are proud that we were the second country in the world after Germany, where the EinScan PRO 2X Plus was presented.

Open House

Po kosilu smo prešli k industrijskim 3D printerjem Shining 3D in namiznemu SLS 3D printerju VIT SLS.

VIT SLS is a new affordable desktop SLS 3D printer. Nevertheless, it offers us the stunning dimensions of the printed object, which amounts to as much as 250x250x300mm.

In the end, we also learned about the differences between FDM and SLA 3D printing technology. So the advantages and disadvantages of one and the other technology.

The 3WAY also announced the development partnership with the global company Helios.
Together with them, they are developing new resins for SLA / DLP 3D printers.