Professional and versatile 3D printing solutions

FlashForge provides professional 3D printing solutions.
Both for rapid prototyping and direct digital production.


  • Home Use

  • Automotive

  • Tooling

  • Medicine

  • Dental

  • Consumer Products

  • Education


  • Parts Manufacturing

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Jigs and Fixture

  • Product Customization

  • Medical Device

  • Household Products

Professional 3D printers

Creator 3 3D printer

Creator 3

3.000  1.707 

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Creator 3 3D printer

Creator 3 DEMO

3.000  1.400 

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Consumer 3D printers

Guider IIs 3D printer

Guider IIs

2.000  1.297 

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Adventurer 3 3D printer

Adventurer 3

499  290 

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As a R&D and manufacturing enterprise providing products and solutions of the whole industrial chain, Flashforge presently owns 10 product categories, extending from 3D printer, 3D printing filament, 3D designing software to 3D printing service, providing dozens types of products and covering the complete industrial chain.

Products are divided into three levels: industry level, commercial level and civil level, meeting the needs of different types of users. Meanwhile, Flashforge is in the industry leading level in technology R&D, channel construction, after-sales service and other aspects.